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How to order

1. Select your brand

Select your preferred contact lens brand/s. Lens usage and prescription type can also be selected to narrow down your search results further.

2. Enter your prescription details

After clicking on your preferred contact lenses, you can enter your prescription details. Click ADD TO CART, and your selected contact lenses can now be viewed in the Cart Menu located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Checkout

While you're in the Cart Menu, you can head to the Check Out Page by clicking PROCEED TO CHECK OUT. On the Check Out Page, you can review and change your order details, fill in your payment information, and delivery address.

4. Review your order

After filling in your order details, please take a moment to review them. If you're satisfied that all order details are correct, click COMPLETE ORDER.

5. Order complete

After clicking COMPLETE ORDER, your new contact lenses will be shipped within 5-6 working days.