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Johnson & Johnson Contact Lenses

Johnson & Johnson offer premium, lightweight contact lenses that provide ultimate protection from dryness and high vision. The bestselling ACUVUE 1 Day ACUVUE Moist are ideal for fresh, clean vision all day, every day. ACUVUE Moist lenses are designed to help your eyes stay moist and fresh for the entire day.   

ACUVUE Define also comes in two styles. The Define Accent Style line provides a dark limbal ring that enhances the iris, making your eyes larger and more defined for a classically beautiful look. The Define Accent Vivid Style line has a lighter ring for a more natural and vibrant look.  

ACUVUE OASYS is a bestselling line of monthly disposable contact lenses. This line is acclaimed for its HYDRACLEAR PLUS technology that adds additional moisture to the lens, making long hours in front of a computer bearable. These contact lenses prevent tired, dry eyes and feel as if you are wearing no lenses at all. 

We offer a range of bestselling Johnson & Johnson contacts in 3, 6, or 12-month supplies for both daily and monthly disposables. Rest assured that your purchase has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee free of defects and that you’re getting the highest quality product and service. 

Browse our range of Johnson & Johnson contact lenses. With new pair every day, there is no cleaning & hassle. The lowest prices for contact lenses guaranteed at Contact Me.